Thursday, December 26, 2013


Hmm. So I'm trying this again. This blobbing thing. Figured firstly, that I do sometimes want to write stuff. Sometimes. Just a bit. To figure out stuff I'm going through.

Secondly, I'm getting senile. It's not 'precocious senility' any more. No, fo' reals. I'm over 30. And I've got some faulty plumbing in my brain that seems to be causing memories to fade out or not even form. So I need to write stuff down otherwise I'll have no record of anything.

Thirdly, I'm a bit scared by how tl; dr has become my response to everything. I need to get my attention span back and stop being like a squirrel on crack, clicking through funny cat photos and one-window memes, with anything longer or thought-ier being skipped over.

Fourthly, wow, I used fourthly. SHIZ JUST GOT SERIOUZ. Fourthly, I am becoming an idiot and how better to hold up the mirror to my idiocy than to write what's going on (or not, rather) in my cranium? I am hoping that seeing my pathetic brainthawts written large (or at least, size 10 text), will spark some shame-induced brain improvement. So this is like exercise. *flex*

Here's to hoping I, like Stella, get my writing groove back. And if not, at least go out in an amusing ball of fiery glory before my brain becomes total custard. 

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